This checklist will show you step by step how to make the relation between your company and the LEAD HUB GDPR compliant. It also contains a guide on how to update the privacy and the cookie policy for the use of LEAD HUB.

The GDPR was introduced to protect and control the use of personal data. LEAD HUB takes the necessary actions to comply with the GDPR and is committed to being 100% transparent about how it intends to do so, so you can feel totally comfortable working with us. (For more information read our overview and privacy policy.)

Like any other tool or platform within your business that involves the collection and processing of personal data, there are some steps you need to consider to ensure that the relationship between you and your provider is compliant with the rules.

You need to complete 3 steps when using LEAD HUB:

What do you need to do?

In order to use our Lead Generation service you need to install the LEAD HUB tracking script on your website. This will allow us to process the informations about the visitors to your website which we will share with you on our platform.

This activity involves the collection and processing of personal data. When we refer to “personal data” we mean all information that is directly or indirectly referable to a person such as: name, e-mail address, IP address or data on his position.

In order to achieve compliance, you can follow three simple steps:

  1. obtain the valid consent of your visitors to set and read cookies on their devices;
  2. inform visitors about the cookies used by the website;
  3. inform the visitor of the use (by LEAD HUB) of the information obtained from the cookies set on their devices in order to improve the Lead Generation service.


How to do it:

A – Cookies and personal data consent

To set cookies on visitors’ devices, their consent is required. This can be obtained, for example, by using “Accept” buttons inserted within a cookie-banner, associated with a brief explanation for the visitor on how cookies will be used (this information must be provided in addition to what will follow below).

B – Information on cookie consent and information on our processing of personal data

A visitor’s consent to the use of cookies must contains informations. Therefore, it is necessary to provide visitors with a cookie policy in accordance with applicable laws.

Part of the policy is concerned with providing information on the cookies set by your website, together with data relating to what each cookie does and how long it is stored on the visitor’s device. Note that national legislation and best practices may differ on the scope of this information.

In order to help you provide information about LEAD HUB cookies to your visitors, we have provided at the end of the document all the data on how cookies are adopted, so that you can insert them within your cookie policy.

C – Inform your visitor

The requirements setted by the applicable data protection legislation (GDPR) establish that the visitor must be provided with information about our processing (LEAD HUB) of the personal data of the visitor.

Therefore, it is necessary to inform visitors on its website that LEAD HUB will process their personal data. You can do this by displaying the following text in close connection with your privacy policy or, otherwise, by providing the clear information that the use of your website will result in the processing of personal data by LEAD HUB.

In order to do it, copy the following information to a specific section of your website or to the privacy policy:


Policy on the processing of personal data by LEAD HUB.

We inform you about the processing of personal data on behalf of LEAD HUB.

The information collected by the cookies set on the device that qualify as personal data will be processed by LEAD HUB, a product of Lhub srl, a company that offers advertising identification and targeting services with offices in Gallarate, Corso Sempione 13 / b 21013 (VA) Italy. See below for full contact details.

The purpose of the processing of personal data is to allow LEAD HUB to improve a service rendered to us and to our website (for example the “Lead Generation” service), by adding data to their database on companies. The LEAD HUB database as well as for the “Lead Generation” will be used for advertising purposes aimed at companies and for this reason the data will be transferred to third-party service providers. For the sake of clarity, targeted advertising is about businesses, not individuals.

The data collected and used by LEAD HUB to achieve this purpose are informations on the IP address from which you visited our website and technical information that allows LEAD HUB to distinguish different visitors from the same IP address. LEAD HUB stores the domain from the module input in order to correlate the IP address with your main one, thanks to a matching with Google databases.
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